Challenge your friends,
get back to a disconnected life

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For a determined time, the first one to grab his device has a forfeit

  • Relax

    See how mobile-dependant you are, do not be disturbed by your device anymore when you are busy.

  • Enjoy

    Fully enjoy moments with your friends.

  • Laugh

    Challenge your friends and hang on not to be sanctionned !

The anti-mobile-addiction social game

So many situations when our mobile is taking too much space up...

  • At the restaurant

    Haven't you ever seen a couple at the restaurant, both on their smartphones? Rings a bell?

  • During a family dinner

    Your little sister snapchats her meal?

  • Driving

    Hard to wait until you finish driving to read and respond to your texts?

  • Having a drink

    The last friend who was still listening to you just started a new Candy Crush game?

  • During a live show

    Your ex decided to bother you when your favourite artist just started to play?

  • At work

    Impossible to concentrate : your Facebook friends-group conversations are constantly distracting you

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